Amazon reviews and the IT pinata

Well… what a nice surprise this pastr Friday: I received an unexpected DVD in the mail… My face, when I opened the package was like “WHAT??!! I didn’t order this!” But it did come from Amazon: a copy of the upcoming (Sept 17th I believe) double-disc edition of “Monsters, Inc.”!!! They thanked me for being such an active reviewer (and buyer, as well…) and wan me to review it. For the first time since I started doing Amazon reviews, something like this happens. 😀

The other fun story from this week was the IT pinnata. It’s a spectacle worth seeing! Ryan brought in (after the blue little dragon we had sitting in for people on vacation or away from the office was tore down to pieces the day before) a colorful ‘torito’ which didn’t last long, either: we kicked it, slammed it and… well, treated it as what it is: a pinnata!Let me tell you something: what a stress reliever it is! 😉