OK, now: my wife and I had a nice Mexico City-style dinner tonight at “La Parrilla Suiza” in Scottsdale. We talked about the topic of the decade in Venezuela: Hugo Chavez… it’s just incredible how, still, educated people that have not necessarily had hard lives, still support the mad man… :S

Today was a very satisfying day for me. To begin with, we watched in the office a video of an interview with Troy Alves, the husband of co-worker Tara Zontanos-Alves, who just turned a pro-body builder when he won the Mr. USA competition. Check out his web site: Troyalves.com

Also, I received word back from the guide of the Frogal Living section in about.com that they’d link to our Computer & Recycling secion on one of the sites that I work, Earth 911

Today was the day I got hooked on Beth Orton: I downloaded her most recent album ‘Daybreaker’ last night and burned it on a CD. My bud Arthur kept asking me what that music was, which he hardly ever does! šŸ˜€

Anyway, I’m calling it a day: tomorrow I will attend the introductory session for the evening MBA I will be enrolled in for the next couple of years…