Un fabuloso analisis… por Alberto Garrido

No esperen encontrar un futuro de colores, pero Alberto Garrido (analista internacional Venezolano) hace un fabuloso analisis de las perspectivas a nivel de Venezuela y mas alla en esta epoca en que estamos viviendo la entrada de un nuevo orden global.

En general, mi percepcion es que -al margen de la guerra en Irak y su duracion-, en linea con el comentario del Sr. Garrido, este orden que esta dandose a nivel global no esta aqui por “unos dias” o mientras dure la intervencion en Irak. Esto creo que es mejor que nos acostumbremos a ello, porque siento que va a ser la constante de la proxima decada o dos… no piensen en Guerra del Golfo, piensen en Guerra Fria, muchos años, decisiones politico-militares no-partidistas de largo plazo, etc.

Mucho que pensar… Espero que les resulte de utilidad esta informacion. Para una entrevista con Marta Colomina (de 15 minutos), chequeen este link.

Half-Marathon Music Playlist

You are cordially invited to see the pictures of my half-marathon from this past Sunday, March 9th here. Though the stories somewhat tell the story, you can see the following:
-I proudly wore the shirt that my friend Gilberto Pagua sent to me and the hat that my friend and colleague from P&G, Manuel Alonso, sent to me too. He also sent to me another shirt, which my wife proudly wore. Myself, herself and my dad were TEAM VENEZUELA. You’ll see why when you see the pictures! 😀 (my mom couldn’t make it to the race, unfortunately, but she was also part of the team).
-Things began VERY early that day: at 4:30 we met at Red Mountain High School in Mesa, AZ to board the bus that would take us to the starting line. There’s pictures of myself with Andreina, my Dad and Michelle, from Team Diabetes, taken here.
-There’s some nice pictures taken aroung mile 10… this had been close to the most I had ever run before, so it was a turning point for me. Thank God, I did well: I kept hidrated all the time, used my Power Gel and even snapped a couple of Glucose tablets toward the end, when I started to feel tired.
-Finally, there’s some nice pictures of the last turn, where I had the privilege of beating an Asian guy (how’s that?!) and crossed the line successfully. My wife also took a shot of me while stretching on the grass, while surrounded with a fair of tents that was taking place to feed and court runners into subscribing and buying stuff.

All in all, it’s been one of the most special individual experiences I’ve had. Another one I can mention is diving…

Enjoy! 😛
(and once again, thanks to those who sponsored me and those who kept asking about the training and results… you know who you are, so I won’t say it again). 😉

Here’s my “Marathon Playlist”, the music that I listened to while I ran on my Rio MP3 Player:

  1. “Home and Dry” by Pet Shop Boys
  2. “Sereno” by Miguel Bose
  3. “Puente” by Cerati
  4. “Solos en America” by Miguel Mateos
  5. “Color Esperanza” by Diego Torres (the song to get to the Finish Line!)
  6. “Jumbo” by Underworld
  7. “Big Blue Overture” by Eric Serra
  8. “69 Punto G” by Joaquin Sabina
  9. “God is a DJ” by Faithless
  10. “Sentimiento Nacional” by Guaco
  11. “Billetero” by Guaco
  12. “Planet Home” by Jamiroquai
  13. “With or Without You (Live)” by U2
  14. “Finding Beauty” by Craig Armstrong
  15. “Engines of Creation” by Joe Satriani
  16. “Games in Germany” by Marillion
  17. “La Fuerza del Destino” by Mecano
  18. “Pi*r^2” by Clint Mansell (a filler)
  19. “Busenfreund FadeOut” by Tosca

To wrap it up for today’s blog, I’d like to share a beautiful quote I got today from the folks at Unity of Phoenix:
“Your mind is your world: your thoughts are the tools with which you carve your life story on the surface of the universe. When you rule your mind, you rule your world. When you choose your thoughts, you choose results. Your life is what you think – think straight, and life will be straight for you.”
(Imelda Shanklin)

Ahhh… the breeze in your face, the smell of spring coming back, riding your bike down Shea Blvd alongside the cars, in the sidewalk… and SMASH!!! getting slammed with a soda in the chest while you’re riding.. How’s that? Well, it happened to me today while coming back home from meeting my buddy Arthur for a coffee at Starbucks on Shea and Tatum.

What’s wrong with people these days? Something close to this had happened to me a little over a month ago. I was running on the sidewalk on a Saturday morning, heading in the same direction as cars and a HUGE soda almost hit me in the head. Anyway… there goes my story about biking today. In a few minutes, I will be posting my pictures from the half marathon I ran at Valley of the Sun this past Sunday, March 9th! 😀