What Is Google Worth?

Anyone with an insatiable craving for a dot-com-era hype-fest need not look far. The prospect of uber-search engine firm Google Inc.’s considering an initial public offering seems to have Wall Street salivating. As rumors swirl around the five-year-old privately held company — $800 million revenues? $200 million profits? takeover interest from Microsoft? — handicapping its future is becoming something of a parlor game. Analysts are struggling to put numbers on intangibles, while technology boosters hail the potential IPO as if it were the second coming…. (for more, go to the Knowledge@Wharton site)

I am back from my quick trip to Venezuela. The baby is doing great… I just happened to leave my Tablet PC behind in the plane. I still have my fingers crossed, hoping someone will turn it in. Wish me luck! 🙁