#106 in Amazon

Today, after almost a month sitting at spot #107 among Amazon.com’s Top Reviewers… I moved up a notch, to #106. 😐

I seriously don’t know whether to laugh in joy or to cry out loud. I mean, this review writing “business” takes time… granted that I do it because I love it, but it does take some time. Now, I can’t complaint, to be honest: for instance, it’s allowed me to get to know some great people over e-mail, and the ocasional complimentary copies of stuff, as in the case of this week, when someone from the record label of Jacqui Naylor is sending me a copy of her latest album along with a press kit, because she liked my review about Norah Jones’ debut album! How’s that? I guess those things make up for the up and down of the rankings, but I admit: I am very much looking forward to that Top 100 ranking, after 4 years of writing reviews in Amazon! 🙂

Will you join me and check out my reviews to see if there’s any that you’d like to vote for? Thanks!