Sorta like Norah, but better…

Call Off the Search, by Katie Melua

[4 out of 5 stars]

First impression, when I heard Katie Melua was: “Oh, My God! Norah Jones all over again!” I admit I am not the biggest Norah Jones fan there is, but then… this beautiful 19-year old Russian born singer with a voice of gold proved me wrong.

Her approach to music certainly does not go hand-in-hand with her age: that is to say she’s not part of the Britneys or the Christinas of the world. With her music and her charm, she’s targeting an older audience (or should I say, “more mature”?) with a blend of jazz and blues, which inevitably reminds a lot of people (myself included) of Norah Jones. The big difference lies in Katie’s voice, which powerfully resonates when she sings (along with playing guitar) through every single track in her album.

Overall, I like it: I see potential. Though I still am not playing it over and over, I will continue to keep an eye open and my ears attentive to future works by Katie Melua, as she appears as if she’s going to be around for good, as an established voice among the best jazz and blues singers of the world.

Apple Putting More Focus on Simplifying Searching

As hard drive sizes grow beyond our wildest dreams (well, maybe not THAT much, but they DO have a lot of room!), the days of painful searches trying to retrieve some obscure Word file are close to over, thanks to the coming enhancements in the world of

As Steve Jobs said yesterday, at the Apple Worldwide Developer conference:

“Search is a problem for every personal computer company. It’s easier to find a document in a million pages on the Web using Google than it is to find a document on your hard drive.”

No kidding!

Two great sites: NewsMap and Orisinal

Through Macromedia’s site, I ran into this interesting “map” for News, appropriately called Newsmap. They pull content from the aggregated stories in Google News. Check them out to stay informed in a visual way!

Also, this afternoon, a colleague showed me the way to this cute site packed with Flash games, called Orisinal. You won’t believe how addicting a pastel-based cats or pigs game can become! šŸ™‚