Tristemente geniales, lamentables y ciertas!

Si Ud. tropezo la maquina con el codo y selecciono una opcion al azar,

seguro que era NO. (Ley de Smartmatic)

En el proceso no hubo fraude, pero mejor busquense un sistema contra

el fraude. (Corolario de Gaviria)

La pobreza no se ha incrementado sino que subio un poquitiquitico ….

(Hipotesis de Molina)

Si la mesa tiene un tope numerico este es del SI (Ley de Rataglini)

Hoda, ¿Si todos, todos, todos lds escuadidos votadon que SI porque hay

dos votos de mas, Anita y Jose Vicente? (Duda de Rodriguez)

Si Ud. voto SI y salio NO, entonces ha debido votar NO para que

saliera NO (Ley del CNE).

Si en Florida no hubo fraude con las maquinas electorales aqui

tampoco. (Ley de Transitividad de Carter)

Si encontramos en la verificacion una urna electoral que este abierta

entonces seleccionaremos una que este cerrada (Ley de McCoy)

Si Ud cumple años el dia en que nacio y se encuentra en un cuarto con

10 personas, hay una probabilidad del 100 % que todas esas personas

cumplan años el dia en que nacieron. (Ley de Mugica)

Si nosotros tenemos duda revisen todo, si ellos tienen dudas no

revisen nada (Ley de Mata y Cerronegro)

Si un chavista le dispara a un chavista el autor intelectual es un

escualido (Ley de Isaias)


TOTAL_VOTOS_NO= TOTAL_VOTOS_NO+2 (Ley de programacion de Smartmatic)

Si cumples años hoy y estas en un cuarto en donde hay 20 familiares

tuyos y una torta con una vela encima, hay alguna probabilidad de que

te canten “Cumpleaños Feliz” (Axioma de Mugica)

Hay que matar a todos en Globovision (Ley de Jesse)

Todos los que votaron contra mi me importan un carajo (Ley de Chavez)

Si un chavista le dispara a un escualido siempre es en defensa propia

(Ley de Anderson)

No es que ahora hay mas pobres, lo que pasa es que hay mas gente con

menos dinero (1er postulado de Molina)

Hurricane Charley Status

For those of you wondering, here an update on the state of things on this neck of the woods…

The past couple of days have been spent:
-Recovering from the effects of Hurricane Chavez, who swept hope for a better Venezuela away from a bunch of Venezuelans (myself included) for a few hours. We’re now facing the uncertainty of the audits of the results that will be taking place.
-Trying to save the life of the last tree we had problems with: a 10-12 feet oak that got uprooted by Charley. I have SO MUCH respect for the force of the winds… I mean, it took my wife and I ALL our strength to move the tree like 3 inches… that is, of course, after Manny accidentally slammed a peak on one of the pipes of the irrigation system, causing a small water mess, etc, etc, etc… all was accomplished (almost) at about 9 pm.

So, all said and done, having no high-speed internet or phone (both have been on and off intermittently) seems like a microscopic thing to deal with, in the face of all things going on around us: some people at work, for instance, having lost everything, left homeless… I am thankful for how fortunate we were.

Next, a few pics from our home and the tree, and a few other from around town, so you can get a visual…

Our tree that fell to the pressure of the winds…

The proverbial “shaking traffic sign” was also seen… this sign sits right by our house.

My next door neighboor REALLY suffered from the typical damage of the storm (there was a LOT of this around town): some big tree fell from the other side of the fence and did this.

I can only shake when I think again how strong the winds were… some of these trees are easily 50, 60 and 70 feet tall: old and heavy oaks, uprooted as if nothing.

The nearby CITGO, leaning like the tower of Pisa, much like the Democracy in Venezuela these days (not a coincidence, it feels, that Venezuela owns CITGO through PDVSA)

Another common sight around town: torn screens in the structures protecting pools. These structures are very common in Florida because of the gators…