Minus Kelvin Music Blog… and 2014 (the future of Media)

I just ran into this super-cool blog. Minus Kelvin (I assume this is an alias) calls it a music blog. Here’s what he says about himself:

“Minus Kelvin is a physics and calculus teacher during the day and a composer of freak-yo-mind e-music in the nights. He writes commissioned music for people working on projects in video and film. His ipod has a pearly clear gel cover and he takes it with him everywhere, even on kayak voyages. Custom etched in the metal backing is the sentence, “Music is worth it.””

Interesting… I added him to my links. I ran into his music when I read the credits of this thought-provoking Flash piece on the recent history of digital media and a possible scenario leading as far down the road as 2014. Things like Google joining ranks with Amazon (gotta love it) and taking on the “bad guys”? There’s some of that, though I must say: an excessive amount of power put even in the best hands can ultimately lead to corruption. So, as much as I love Google and Amazon as companies for what they do and what they stand for, I don’t care about seeing them become a substitute for Microsoft in the next ten years or so. For now, watch the piece and let me know what you think.

M83: One of the best musical discoveries in a very long time…

I ran into M83 by pure coincidence in 2004, while surfing through a friend’s iTunes list… I’d heard about them, but hadn’t quite had an opportunity to check them out. I now know I was missing much.

M83 is the the French duo of Anthony Gonzalez and Nicolas Fromageau (or rather was a duo, since their album being released in January 2005 only counts with Anthony Gonzalez), and this is their second album, originally released in 2003. Their music sounds like a perfectly crafted balance between Godspeed You Black Emperor, Craig Armstrong, Moby and Sigur Ros. They deliver so much passion in their songs, with the aid of atmospheres started out with layers upon layers of keyboard work, to ultimately crown them with the most touching guitar riffs (My Bloody Valentine feels here too)… ocasionally they jump into minimalist terrain, but without overdoing it, which is where they get a bit of a Sigur Ros-like sound.

My favorites in CD1: “On A White Lake, Near a Green Mountain” and “Gone”, a song I can play 20 times in a row, and never grow tired of. CD2 can be summed up in the title track, one hefty 17+ minute long song that is not apt for the weak of the heart.

If you enjoy their music, don’t hesitate to pick up their 2005 release, “Before The Dawn Heals Us“.

Moby being existential… a little more

Well, it so seems that Mr. Moby has a new album coming out soon, titled “Hotel”. It still doesn’t appear in Amazon, but Morning Becomes Electic’s Nic Harcourt managed to snatch some songs from the album during a recent broadcast of his program (12/13)… so far, it sounds interesting (in particular, I enjoyed the track titled “Spider”). Though I ended up enjoying it, I had such mixed feelings with “18” that “Hotel” will need to break some new musical ground in order to sound like he’s repeating himself all over again.

On a side note, it’s kinda interesting listening to Moby complain about touring and fame at large. I guess he does have a point, but I cannot avoid but feel like he’s complaining a bit too much in the early moments of the interview with Nic. Judge for yourself… or rather, listen and let me know what you think.

Last, though completely unrelated to Moby, it must be mentioned (not quite MUST, but I thought it’d be worth mentioning) that we’re bracing ourselves for freezing weather tonight and tomorrow. It’s been very cold all day long and tonight they’re announcing temperatures in the 30’s. Mickey is going to put a hat to cover his big fat ears these days! šŸ˜‰