I grieve

I just posted this on the PeterGabriel.com forums. I was moved to do it after I stumbled upon a song by Peter Gabriel this morning on the way to work.


I hope Peter reads this.

I have followed your music for over 15 years. You are and have always been an artist that has stood for what I believe music and art should be. True to yourself and your beliefs, and able to convey emotions and passions in a way few have been able to.

I remember when I first heard your work, being moved in a way that I thought impossible, saved for moments of prayer or spiritual insight.

A few years ago, you recorded a song for the movie “City of Angels”. It was called “I Grieve”. I remember loving it then. But then you came back with the most extraordinary version of this song on “UP“, and I was transported once more.

Today I listen to this song and I can only wonder what crossed your mind when you wrote it. I listen to it almost two weeks after my dad passed away, a man I loved dearly and will miss a lot. And I grieve, and I can only thank you for putting so well in words and music all the emotions we go through, when we lost someone we love very much.

I really hope you read this, Peter.

With much respect and admiration, from Orlando, FL.

Manny Hernandez


For those who haven’t had the opportunity to hear this precious song, here are the lyrics to it. I took the liberty to copy them from the lyrics section on Peter’s web site.


it was only one hour ago

it was all so different then

nothing yet has really sunk in

looks like it always did

this flesh and bone

its just the way that we are tied in

but there’s no-one home

i grieve for you

you leave me

‘so hard to move on

still loving what’s gone

they say life carries on

carries on and on and on

the news that truly shocks is the empty empty page

while the final rattle rocks its empty empty cage

and i can’t handle this

i grieve for you

you leave me

let it out and move on

missing what’s gone

they say life carries on

they say life carries on and on and on

life carries on

in the people i meet

in everyone that’s out on the street

in all the dogs and cats

in the flies and rats

in the rot and the rust

in the ashes and the dust

life carries on and on and on and on

life carries on and on and on

its just the car that we ride in

the home we reside in

the face that we hide in

the way we are tied in

life carries on and on and on and on

life carries on and on and on

did i dream this belief?

or did i believe this dream?

now i will find relief

i grieve

Join The Grid

It had been a long time (almost three years) since I last had this agent installed on my computer, but not-so-coincidentially (or maybe it was a coincidence… who knows), last night I ran into the UD Agent, from Grid.org. This is an agent that sits in your computer and crunches numbers from scientific data while your computer is idle. More specifically, back when I first installed it on my computer in 2001, I was attracted to it because the numbers it crunched were not “just” to help find ET life (something important, but…). It is centered around medical research, including but not limited to Cancer Research and the development of new drugs to fit malign cells.

Just sharing… I thought if you feel you can spare a few CPU cycles, this is a nice thing to hacve sitting around. Unfortunately (Intel is behind the whole effort) it is only available for PCs. 🙁


A papa le gustaba de hacia tiempo jugarse un Lotto de vez en cuando. A veces bromeaba, porque decia que queria ganarse el Lotto para no tener que preocuparse mas, pero la verdad es que se le olvidaba jugar la mitad de las veces… Dificil ganar sin jugar! 🙂

Cuando estaba en el hospital y aun estaba consciente, nos pidio a mi mama y a mi que jugaramos el Lotto todos los miercoles y sabados. Desde entonces, he tratado de jugar el Lotto de la Florida dos veces por semana, pero no tengo precisados los sitios exactos donde se puede jugar porque no todas las gasolineras tienen la maquinita de Lotto. Lo cierto es que aun no hemos ganado, pero seguiremos intentando, en su honor…