New Beck Album

We music fans become so critical and granular about all details in a production that we sometimes miss the big picture, what’s real and organic about it. Beck’s most recent album, “Guero” (blondie, in Mexico) is just big in itself. The ability that Beck has shown on it, to blend styles and contributions (partnering once more with The Dust Brothers and Radiohead’s producer Nigel Godrich), and to get you going from the first beat of the opening “E-Pro”, is something to be reckoned with.

Beck always remained a musical powerhouse during the nineties, and with his mellower “Mutations” in 1998 and “Sea Change” in 2002, he’s balanced his more eclectic and upbeat productions, such as the pivotal “O’Delay” and “Midnite Vultures”. Almost ten years after the release of “O’Delay” in his career, and with a two more (great) albums under his belt, he once more strikes balance while continuing to push the envelope. So saying that “Guero” is like another “O’Delay” is like a compliment to Beck’s work.

Guero” is a powerful and “spicy” production that shakes you up. Without a dull moment all through it, bending genres left and right, the album stands strong at the top of my list of best albums in 2005, so far.