Fito Paez: Mi Vida Con Ellas

Cada dia se descubre algo nuevo. No tenia ni idea de que habia salido a la venta un album doble de exitos de Fito Paez, grabados en vivo a lo largo de los ultimos diez años. Se llama “Mi Vida Con Ellas” y se consigue en un volumen 1 y volumen 2 en Amazon, o si no les importa tener el arte, la forma mas economica de comprarlo es por medio de iTunes.

Discovery flying

I never imagined I’d be as excited, but I am. Truth is I have seen the launch of the Discovery from school (I will post a couple of pictures shortly) and it was VERY exciting. I totally relived my childhood memories, when I played with my friend Fernan, around the time of the first launch of the Columbia shuttle. I realized how much this meant to me when I saw the news this morning that everything (including the weather, which is very HOT) seemed to be a GO for launch at 10:39 today. And it was…

Hope the rest of the mission goes well.

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Space Shuttle Launch

A photo from Full Sail, where I work, showing the Discovery Shuttle and a small plane and a tree in two closer planes (as a reference of what we were able to see this morning). Posted by Picasa

(Photo by: Ben Jurand, a colleague from the office)

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