3 years of posts

Well, it’s been three years since my first post in this blog. SO MUCH has changed since then:
Santiago came into our lives in late 2003.
-I changed jobs twice: first to another company in Phoenix, then (in mid-2003) to Full Sail in Winter Park, FL.
-We bought our home in Orlando, and moved in (June 2004).
-We lived through three hurricanes.
Henkel got married.
-Andreina started working, after having completed her masters in Interior Design from ASU (November 2004)
-I met some great new people at work, went to Chicago for a Search Engine Conference, and we launched Propeller early in 2005.
My dad died on January 16, of this year.
-I was diagnosed with diabetes in 2002 and I started using an insulin pump a little over a month ago.

It’s unbelievable all the things that can happen in ONLY three years. Makes you wonder where you’ll be in another three. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. 🙂

Seven months after he left…

Tonight’s an odd night. For some reason I can’t quite put my finger on, I feel sad.

Yesterday was a rainy day, and I remembered how much I enjoyed rain. I had sort of forgotten it for a while, but then while we lived in Arizona, where you feel like a bun in an oven most of of the year, a few drops of rain come in handy, and make you open your windows to soak in all the beauty of the wetness in the view.

Then we moved to Orlando, and here it rains every day. The “afternoon showers” are a daily thing, but once in a while they go away. And when they do, I miss them. Yesterday we had a rainy day, and I spent most of it with Santiago while Andreina went with my sister- and brother-in-law to Full Sail for a mindboggling tour of the facilities. And, as expected, their minds got boggled! They came back, and they were happy they went. I, for one, between a nap and a dirty diaper, watched Noggin with the baby and played with him around the place.

There was no real reason to be unhappy today. After all, last night I put a ton of stuff for sale on eBay that I had been meaning to sell forever… and I caught up with a ton of things too. But I guess it must have been the news of a good friend from work whom I learned had been hospitalized over the weekend. She hasn’t been doing too good lately. I guess, in general, if our beginning of the year was a tough one, her 2005 hasn’t stopped being tough. I guess I just hope her health can come back and be with her, so her happy spirit can be around us jumping and playing again.

And then tonight I was looking for a picture of the baby’s former crib, to put it up for sale on eBay (more stuff to get rid of) and I found a picture of my dad, from the days he was in the hospital. And it hurt… it hurt me to see him again. I didn’t cry, but it made me feel sad. And then now, I realize in a few minutes it will be the 16th of August. In a few moments seven months will have passed since his light went off, and he left us. We still miss him very much. Here is a picture I took of him in his last days. I had not had the courage to post it in here until today, and even now I hesitate… whatever… I guess I shouldn’t hold on to it.

Listening to: “Pup Tent” by Luna (think Velvet Underground, a bunch of years after, and play on a sad night… it hardly gets any more appropriate).

One month with the pump

I’ve been on the pump for a full month now. So far, I only have good things to say about it.

My current average (thanks largely to a “bad” blood glucose day last week) is sitting at 139 with a Standard Deviation of 44. As a general reference, what a “good” blood glucose reading looks like is in the range of 100, so I am still a bit above “good”, but this is WAY better than where I was at prior to the pump (close to 160 average). Most of my “highs” have been caused by either underestimating the carbs the meals outside that I’ve had or due to lack of enough exercise (I’ve not been good at it lately, I admit).

As of today, 65% of my readings (158 in total) are “in range”, meaning between 70 and 140. I put the words “in range” between quotes, because technically the range should not exceed 120 (in my opinion), but that is what the reports spit out. 😛

It is very convenient and I am gradually getting more and more used to it. I guess the only “inconvenience” it carries along is that it is causing me to have to shave all my belly hair little by little, to eliminate the need to pull on those hairs when I change the infusion set every three or so days. 🙂

This is a “nice looking” (which I didn’t take) that shows pretty much how the infusion set looks like when it’s in place.