Inhalable insulin gets FDA panel OK

Got word about this today. This is HUGE!

Federal health advisers on Thursday recommended government approval of the first inhaled form of insulin, offering some diabetics an alternative to many of their daily injections.

I need to sit back and think a bit. Now I am on the pump, but I am curious to check out this inhalable insulin business! 🙂

Conserve electricity and gas

A bit reactive of us, since we should be doing this any way, but here it goes, until the gas supply situation is stabilized again:

Businesses and Floridians need to conserve electricity and gas, says Florida’s Department of Management Services.

The Florida Department of Management Services has issued an energy conservation request to businesses around Florida.

According to the department, the damage Hurricane Katrina did to natural gas and gasoline production and distribution facilities will place a strain on electricity providers and gasoline supplies.

The department is requesting that companies and individuals conserve electricity and gas in the following ways:

1. Turn off and unplug all non-essential equipment and appliances.
2. Turn off all lights and computers when leaving from home, and keep lights off when no one is in the room.
3. If applicable and safe, turn off overhead lighting during the day.
4. Adjust air conditioning thermostats slightly upward.
5. Evaluate and adjust travel plans.
6. Conserve gasoline by reducing the number of trips and by carpooling.

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