Full Sail Halloween

Today was fun. We celebrated Halloween in School. There was a staff costume contest, which I refused to enter (because my costume sucked), but still I sorta dressed up… as Uncle Rico (remember Napoleon Dynamite?) Here’s the picture for you to have a laugh.

Don’t know if you knew (I don’t particularly like this type of movie, but…) the director of the new “Saw 2” (#1 movie in the box office during Halloween weekend), Darren Bausman is a Full Sail grad. Pretty cool…

Death Cab for Cutie concert – Hard Rock Live (Orlando, last night)

Last night, after a fun day at the Open House back in Full Sail, my friend AJ and I headed over to Hard Rock Live to witness one heck of a live performance. Opening the night was Stars, a band our of Montreal (yet another great Canadian band, of the same fiber that Arcade Fire and Wolf Parade are made). Loved their work. Going to head over to iTunes get their “Set Yourself on Fire” album. Any band that has two singers that put out the harmonies these guys did, along with blending in (well) trumpet and violin with two guitars, bass, drums and a super-80’s keyboard sound deserves our respect!

Death Cab for Cutie are such a respectable band. They were the main act, and they totally showed why. It’s hard not to notice this IS Ben Gibbard’s gig, but the rest of the band is also extremely talented. They all played (except for the drummer) at least two instruments, even going to the extent of exchanging instruments with each other in the middle of a song. The encore “I Will Follow You Into The Dark” moved the entire crowd to sing loudly, while many held up their cell phones as lighters… don’t know if taking pictures of the moment or letting “that someone else” on the other end of the line, what they were thinking at the time, as they yelled the song away. As for me, I took several pictures with my cell phone, but this one was the only one that turned out decent. šŸ™‚

EspaƱa > Barcelona: Septiembre 27, 2005

Una visita a Barcelona no es tal sin pasar por las famosas Ramblas. Los barcitos, las fachadas espectaculares de Modernismo Catalan entremezcladas con construcciones mas recientes, los “street performers” (en este viaje vimos desde Robin Hood y el hombre vestido con pedazos de botella reciclados, hasta una muchacha disfrazada de arbol y un hombre pintado de dorado y otro de plateado de pies a cabeza)… tantas y tantas muestras de arte urbano, a las cuales dedico un post especifico.

Uno de los performers mas interesantes que nos topamos fue una vez que entramos en el Barrio Gotico, cerca de la Catedral. Era una muchacha posando como arbol, “meciendo” sus brazos como ramas al aire. Al Papucho le encanto.

Las callecitas estrechas del Barrio Gotico, y pasajes escondidos que rodean la hermosa Catedral de tantos siglos, nos condujeron a un rico cafe donde nos detuvimos a tomarnos un cafe inescapable con el que terminamos el dia en la calle.