What cancer cure?

It really disturbs me that things like this happen. I just heard a commentary on Marketplace about the immorally ridiculous price Genentech is charging for a new drug for cancer: $100,000 per year. Yes. You read well… that’s how it is.

How many people can benefit from such an expensive drug? What point is there in having a cure for cancer, when you cannot afford it… I mean, not afford it not by a few pennies, but because it costs 2-3 times as much as you make in a year? It’s almost like saying: “Just die, you poor bastard! But before you do, know that there was a cure for what you had.” Very, very sad… Moral values and an emphasis on social wellbeing definitely have abandoned many corporations, and Genentech definitely seems to be among them.

the in between life vlog

(or how to do good in the world, while you pursue your passion)
My friend Keith Morris used to teach at Full Sail, the college where I work. He’s a rare breed. He can talk, he can write, he can teach, he can shoot films and he can kick a$$ at all these things. Well, what he had been pursuing for so long finally happened: he landed a movie deal which took him and his lovely wife Kendra out to Honduras. Now they are in the pre-production phase of the movie, which will be called “THE BOHEMIAN“.

He started a production blog, which I think is a fantastic idea. Kinda a-la-Peter Jackson prior to King Kong. The difference is that “The Bohemian” will actually be a good movie! He called his blog “the in between life vlog“. For those who don’t know him, this is classic Keith Morris. 😉

Luck, brother. Keep us all posted, man!