Erasure: Nightbird

I had never paid much attention to the music of Erasure. Odd, considering that I love Depeche Mode and Erasure derived from Depeche…

I was surfing through a couple of nights ago and this comment I read about Erasure’s most recent album caught my eye:
“This album arrived shortly after singer Andy Bell’s revelation that he had been living with HIV for more than six years, suffering from debilitating pain.” It amazed me, truly. So I decided to listen to it through Napster… and the album was indeed brilliant! I haven’t felt the same way about an album since I first discovered Depeche Mode many, many years ago.

It’s actually kind of fun on many levels: highly danceable (think early eights new wave dance beats) and with music that makes you feel good about yourself (Latinamerican readers, think Moenia). The lyrics take on such an incredible meaning when you read them knowing what Bell is going through. Such as this one, from the song “Let’s Take One More Rocket to the Moon” (one of my favorite tracks):
“A keychain in your pocket just for luck
I hold it in and close my eyes to hide a tear…”

The album is a masterpiece that I know I will be listening to for years to come. I am glad I discovered it… I hope you enjoy it every bit as much as I am.

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Phil Collins Speaks More About Possible Genesis Reunion

It seems it is true…

From (April 18, 2006):
On KGO- A.M. 810, a news radio station in California, Phil Collins acknowledged the Genesis meeting that occurred last November to discuss a possible reunion and he revealed that the discussion focused around performing the entire Lamb Lies Down On Broadway album live as they did on the 1974/75 world tour. Lastly, Collins stated that they talked about a “limited run of shows” and “recording and filming it.” Click here to listen to the short audio clip.

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