Secrets of Videoblogging

All you need to get started blogging with video
A while back, I made a post about video blogs (vlogs). Recently I had the chance to read a book on the topic. Not only was I not dissapointed, but I learned a whole lot more than I expected.

From coming up with a style for your vlog, to planning your vlog posts, including a host of tips on how to best shoot, edit, compress, publish and promote your videos, the book covers all the bases you will need to know about in order to get your video blog off the ground. The only part where I felt it could have gone into a little more detail, including publishing options such as Google Video and YouTube, is where it talked about video hosting options.

Secrets of Videoblogging” doesn’t take much time to read, yet if offers tons of rewards for those curious about video blogs and how to get one going. I don’t know about you, but I am going to get my camera ready to shoot some video. See you in!

Relax, pull up a chair… No, I mean it!

I got this article by way of a great newsletter I am subscribed to. It talks about the long-known truth about workaholism in the U.S. compared against Europeans’ culture of chilling in style during far more vacation days than American’s have at their disposal.

It then talks some about people checking their e-mail while they’re off (Curse of the Blackberry, anyone?)… I mean, this is all so familiar. It reminds me of a guy I worked with while still at Procter & Gamble, in Venezuela. He asked me once: “Manny, when was the last time you stopped to take notice of clouds passing by?”. Today I can say it’s been a while. How sad!

Loving the Newsvine!

A couple of weeks ago I was formally introducted to a community that I now have at the top of my bookmarks, right there, next to It’s called Newsvine, and for those who know digg, it’s much better! It’s a news community, where people write stories or seed other people’s stories, turning into a bit of new blog where tons of people contribute the news and -based on relevancy and votes- things get pushed up to the home page. Gotta love the concept: the web providing people with the tools to become better informed and to inform others!