Over and Out Until Jan. 6

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We are taking off today, to head up to Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. My mother-in-law booked a timeshare there and we’re going to spend a week relaxing. I hope you also feel (like I did) that this photo of a whale’s tale going “down” is a good illustration of this concept. šŸ™‚

I don’t plan on posting much during the next few days, so I want to bid the visitors of the blog a Happy New Year and leave you with a few links to serve as food for thought:
What innovations does 2007 have in store (published in the L.A. Times)
What did the Web leave us in 2006 (from fadtastic)
-What could we expect in terms of progress for diabetes in 2007 (by way of Orlando Pumpers)

What would you say 2006 left behind? What are your thoughts about what’s coming in 2007?

Handling Error Messages

Error messages are dreaded as much by web site visitors as they are by web site owners and web designers. But it seems that the dread on the part of owners and designers leads them to occasionally overlook their importance, thus resulting in a less-than-optimal user experience when site visitors make a mistake (something that never happens, as we all know).

So, how to go about the process of making mistakes “well” (as put by 37Signals). Here are some tips:

* Download the whitepaper on Contingency Design, created by 37Signals back in 2002. Though it’s a bit dated, the advice in it is current and useful. They went as far as turning the whitepaper into a book called Defensive Design for the Web

* Read some more on error message guidelines, by the guru of usability, Jakob Nielsen.

* Learn how to make good 404 pages, courtesy of the 404 Pros.

Put all of this together and take a realistic look at your site, with your hand on your heart. Chances are you will encounter many more places than you imagined, where you can do something simple to make your visitor’s experience more pleasant, so that (even if they get an error message or don’t correctly fill out a form) they will still want to come back.

6 aƱos casados

Andreina, bella.
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Hoy cumplimos 6 aƱos de matrimonio. El 29 de Diciembre del 2000 fue cuando unimos nuestros caminos por siempre. Nos habiamos conocido un 27 de Febrero del 99, un dia antes de su cumpleaƱos y nos hicimos novios el 3 de Marzo… desde entonces hemos vivido retos y momentos de alegria juntos y no he dudado ni un instante lo afortunado que soy al tener a Andreina a mi lado.

Andreina ha sido mi balance y compaƱera, mi amiga y mas. Su sonrisa me saca de cualquier hueco en que me pueda encontrar, y acudir a ayudarla cuando lo necesita es un orgullo que siento al estar juntos. Sutil y hermosa, brillante e ingenua a la vez, Andre me complementa y me llena.

Cielo: gracias por estar a mi lado, por tu paciencia cuando estoy metido en “mi mundo” de blogs y cosas online. Gracias por tu amor y tu apoyo. A tu lado, me siento feliz y pleno.

Te amo.