A little weird. That is the way to describe Amazon’s stab at establishing a wiki-based online encyclopedia (read a Wikipedia). They appropriately called it Amapedia.

The concept is simple: a “community for sharing information about the products you like the most,” as stated on their ‘About’ page.

I guess what I have found to be weirdest was not as much that it pushes the Amapedia content for specific articles listed in Amazon into the Product page (which makes a bit of sense), but the fact that you can access the aggregate “encyclopedic wisdom of the community of Amazon users around each of the articles they share information on” in something different than the product page, or in short, that they are putting together an encyclopedia around the products they carry

Why not make the Amapedia content drive the Product Details on every product page? I know it’s pretty “out there”, but THAT would be innovative. Want to take baby steps? Have Wiki technology to drive the functionality for the “Would you like to update product info?” links at the bottom of every page. That would work too. But using wiki technology the way it got implemented here just feels too “me too” to me and a direct competition against Amazon’s own review system, one that has established a solid reputation.

Most importantly, it just feels like users already have quite a bit of content they are creating, as this blogger puts it (not without irony):

Users are being asked to generate a lot more content these days. With all of my Wikipedia editing and Delicious linking and Flickr photographing and Digg digging, I’m already doing everything I can to keep the Web 2.0 bubble afloat…

I am going to pass on this bandwagon. I am not one to be right about everything, so for all I know I may be wrong, but quite simply I have enough keeping up with my Amazon reviews and my own share of Web 2.0 sites too. šŸ™‚

Emilio Lovera

Que genio del humor ha sido Emilio Lovera! Que tiempos los de la Rochela, en que Emilio copo el espacio de los Lunes en la noche con cada uno de sus personajes.

Aqui tienen un video de Gustavo El Chunior, uno de sus ultimos personas que recuerdo. Es para morirse de la risa.

Cual fue su personaje favorito de Emilio Lovera?