Is Too Much Project Collaboration Possible?

Today I reached the point of information overload with web-based Project Collaboration options. There’s SO many alternatives out there, it’s easy to get lost.

Until a few weeks ago, life was all Basecamp to me. But then came GoPlan as an option (I’ve heard “mixed reviews” about it).

Tonight, I found out about Huddle, and earlier (by way of Marston) I read about Unfuddle (which seems to rock, by the way!)

Seems like the project management/collaboration tool space is turning into a cereal aisle!! šŸ™‚

Lovebug Attack

We went for a bike ride over by Lake Monroe (Sanford, FL). This is the first and most likely last time we’ll be visiting that neck of the woods.

The ride was not that great, in all honesty: according to the Seminole County official map there should have already been a piece of bike trail in existence since 2005… I don’t know where it was, because we rode a good 45 minutes round trip and the only thing there was for bikes was a tiny space by the side of the road.

Besides that, there was quite a smell of fish by the lakeside… I mean fish as in PUAJJJJ!! Not fish, as in “Oh! It smells like sea water!” or something…

But the BEST part of all was the swarm of lovebugs we rode our bikes and the car through. In the picture you can see the result of the lovebug attack. Luckily, I was able to get it back to normal after a good water hosing and scrubbing.