Andreina Having Her First Art Exhibit

Evolve Art Studio - Mixed Media, Reclaimed ArtThings are happening for Andreina and I am incredibly proud of her!

She has already sold numerous pieces through her online shop: read the feedback from some of the folks that have bought from her.

Next Thursday, Sept. 6 at 9 pm, she will be showing 10 of her works at Dandelion Communitea Cafe, following the monthly First Thursdays activities at the Orlando Museum of Art.

Please join us (directions to the cafe) and help us spread the word about it!

Blingo: I Won Again!!!

This is the third time it happens: I won in Blingo AGAIN!! (sorry, Mat!)

Today I won (humbly) a $5 Gift Certificate, but I could have opted for a Fandango movie ticket (I just don’t go to the movies as much).

The way Blingo works is (refresher): you do your searches (they are powered by Google) using Blingo, while logged in with your account, and you can win. When you win, whoever referred you to Blingo wins too: this is what happened to me today (again) thanks to Gilberto!

So, join me in Blingo so we all can win.