How Do You Find a Doctor… You Like

A friend I know through TuDiabetes let me know about a while back. I gave it a shot and now I am regretting I didn’t remember about it when I was looking for a new endocrinologist after our move to Palo Alto.

I did a search yesterday and within 5 miles of my job I found 30-some doctors that met my criteria!

Hope this helps you the next time you are looking for a specialist.

0 thoughts on “How Do You Find a Doctor… You Like

  1. MannyIf you do go to meet some, let me offer two pieces of advice.First, when you call to ask for an appointment, first talk with one of the nurses and ask her about the doctor. If this is a practice with several endos, they may point you to the one that they like the most. That’s often the easiest one to deal with.Secondly, try and read How Doctors Think I’ve almost finished this book and it’s very informative.Best of luck.