Obama: How I Wish I Could Vote!

Lately, I have been listening through The Audacity of Hope by Barack Obama in audiobook format every chance I get. I cannot help but being fascinated by his words. Hearing him speak to me as I walk to and from the car or work every day has been teaching me so much about politics and history of the U.S.

Too bad I cannot yet vote as I am not yet a citizen. I just hope that those who can vote pay close attention to their conscience and take matters seriously when the time comes, register and vote… hopefully for Obama. Everyday I find him more and more as precisely the kind of leader that this country needs to take it through the coming years and out of the current situation.

And, if you are an Obama supporter and got materials to pass along to others, check out ObamaCycle.Ning.com, an environmentally-conscious micro-niche social network for people to recycle their campaign materials.

0 thoughts on “Obama: How I Wish I Could Vote!

  1. an even better idea – don’t put a bunch of silly signs/pins/propoganda in your front yard or on MY street corner! Then no one has to recycle it, no trees have to be cut down, etc.

  2. Manuel,I’m sorry to disagree with you. Do you want another Chaves, don’t you see it? The same speech, look were Vzla is rigth now.Connie

  3. I have some misgivings about Obama but I think I agree with him on most issues. I really hope the next pres gets the ball rolling on universal health care. We desperately need to take control out of the hands of insurance companies.