Fidel Castro: Over and Out!

I don’t think this will necessarily change things in Cuba, but today the news has been that Castro finally stepped down.

Having grown up surrounded by my mom’s Cuban-born family, this brings a bittersweet feeling. I cannot believe someone could have held on to power for so long: almost 60 years… so I am happy that he’s out now.

At the same time, when so much time has passed, the feeling of happiness no longer is the same. No wonder Cuban exiles have been responded in a relatively cool way to the news.

My only hope is that Venezuela doesn’t follow the same path of Cuba. Ten years ago, when Chavez won, I decided I would leave my country because his rhetoric sounded too much like Castro’s. Every day that passes (it’s going to be ten years later this year, since Chavez’s first victory) I am more concerned that the country is inevitably going in a similar direction… with oil money pouring in. :S

Dreams Do Come True

Here we were: a little over five years later, sitting in the same restaurant in San Francisco, next to The Mosser, remembering how we were dreaming back in December 2002 of living in San Francisco.

Today, we live in the Bay Area, so that dream has come true… Here is a little video I put together after the occasion, to celebrate life!

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