Useful Firefox Add-Ons to Gain Space

Or should I say, for people who absolutely need to have a ton of tabs open at the same time?

I’ve recently found two very useful Firefox add-ons:
-One, called Tab Mix Plus, I learned about as a result of starting my work here at Ning, which lets me organize tabs much better, stacked in two rows, highlighting the current tab, etc. It’s called
-The other one, which I learned about thanks to this post, called Vertigo. It lets you open your tabs vertically, thus gaining you back the room at the top and letting you more easily scan the titles of the open tabs.

0 thoughts on “Useful Firefox Add-Ons to Gain Space

  1. My favorite Firefox add-on is flash blocker. It requires you to press a little play button every time there is a flash element on a web page. This is great because it eliminates all those annoying flash banner-ads, which sometimes are so poorly coded that they crash the browser. What makes it especially useful is the “white list” for the add-on, which permanently allows flash from specific sites. Thus, you can block banner ads and still surf YouTube.