Photos from the last Day at Ning

As most of you know, Monday was my last day @ Ning. Starting Tuesday, I began to head the Diabetes Hands Foundation full-time, running, and other diabetes outreach programs.

Here you can see some photos of the last day, including one with Gina Bianchini (above): not every day does one get the opportunity to get a pic (or work) with a CEO that has Silicon Valley buzzing.

It was an honor to serve in the Ning team. I will now continue to be a Network Creator devoted to the development of our social networks for people touched by diabetes.

Post Your Facebook Status to Twitter

Thanks to this blog post, I was able to figure out how to add my Facebook status automatically into Twitter? Why is this useful? Because I update my Facebook status conveniently from my cell phone without going to a browser, using Facebook mobile.

The only part that took a bit of figuring out (because I had changed my privacy settings) was where could I find my mini-feed:
(replace the number after ID for your profile ID number)

The RSS feed for that page should look like this:

You can either use that RSS feed directly in Twitterfeed to automatically push your Facebook updates into Twitter, or clone this Yahoo! Pipe (which I in turn I learned about here) using the RSS feed URL from above, so you don’t have to show on Twitter:
“Manny is in Boston” but rather the more elegant Twitter post “is in Boston. (from Facebook status)”.

Hope this helps!