Twitter Spammers 2 Blame 4 Hickups

According to this interesting post on WebWare, hope for Twitter scalability problems to go away partly lies in putting roadblocks in place to avoid the impact of uber-popular Twitter users. Quote:

The outages and slow performance are due to “popular” members of Twitter with many followers who “tweet” a lot all at once, according to Twitter. Because of that, the company says will put some limits on what some users can do, but it should not be noticeable.

Sounds to me like the folks referred to are not TechCrunch or BBC News, but rather outright Twitter spammers that misuse the platform to inform “the world” of their posts about anything under the sun. Even the word “twam” is being used now to designate this behavior!

People who are new to Twitter and get “followed” fall prey of these individuals who are praying on newbies who choose to follow them (excited to have been followed by someone who appeared to care about what they had to share), to get their spam across in new ways beyond email. If you have ideas to reduce the spam on Twitter, let Twitter know.

Ning: Where People and Technology Make the Future of the Web a Reality Every Day

I like it when people do innovative things… but when those things come from a place that I respect and love as much as Ning, I like it more!

I just saw today the new Ning Jobs page… Not compelled enough to check it out? Take a moment and see for yourself. You may find yourself applying for a job in downtown Palo Alto before you know it.

Disclaimer: I worked at Ning and I can attest that every bit that these folks say is true.