My First Flickr Video: Word In Your Hand

After listening to a talk by Gail Williams today @ N2Y3 (she is a true legend and an honor to be able to meet in person), I decided to give a shot to videos on Flickr. My first video was the one we did for the “Word In Your Hand” project last year.

The interface to upload was the same one used to upload photos and the speed to upload was actually visibly faster than YouTube’s. Here is the result.

Friendfeed vs. Pulse

A while back I wrote about Pulse, Plaxo’s attempt at social networking through aggregating feeds that your connections add for public display (with their connections).

Yesterday, I was made aware of FriendFeed. I was wondering if anyone who reads my blog has taken a stab at it and would mind sharing how they see it being different than Pulse.

One thing is for sure (not that Plaxo’s Pulse doesn’t have smart people): FriendFeed’s team sure has a lot of talent. Quite a number of former Googlers in it.

UPDATE: I decided to give FriendFeed a shot. The interface is quite clean, though I still can’t figure out how it’s different than Pulse. Here’s my FriendFeed profile page.

¿Por Qué Chequearse el Azucar en la Sangre?

La gente de LifeScan nos permitio compartir el comercial del cual forme parte. Fue una experiencia muy interesante participar en esta filmacion, sin lugar a duda.

No busco con la colocacion del video promover OneTouch en particular. Si tienn diabetes, sea cual sea su marca de preferencia, POR FAVOR midanse el azucar en la sangre con regularidad, no menos de 4-5 veces al dia.