The Road to More Compelling Presentations

Chuck, a friend of mine from Orlando, recently launched a very interesting service. It’s called Deckware.BIZ. His goal is very clear:

Our goal at Deckware.BIZ is to help our members and customers create compelling illustrations and overall communications in a time-efficient manner. You can try our pre-made slides to get you started on many common illustrations, or check out our forum for advice and ideas. If you are stuck, and don’t find your answer already there, feel free to ask. The community is there to help.

He also set up a network on Ning to complement his Slide Store. In this network, members can help each other out with ideas and tips while getting a presentation ready for the road.

Today is such a fascinating time: we are empowered to solve the needs of others in a way that doesn’t take an entire web development crew to put together. A smart guy with a good idea puts hard work into it and the results are inspiring.

Sharing Presentation Slides Goes Social

This is a PPT presentation I did back in 2006, titled “Blogs More Than Just Personal Journals”. If there had only been Slideshare back then! But things don’t happen until the time is ripe for them. Today we have this great tool to share presentation slides.

Their mechanism to share slides (post them) on Blogger was a bit off, but nothing I couldn’t fix by editing the post it generated.