Sigur Ros: The Best Album of 2008

The naked people on the cover aside, I had a mixed reaction when I started listening to the “Med Sud I Eyrum Vid Spilum Endalaust” by Sigur Ros. The opening song was just not like your typical Sigur Ros: it was too… pop.. I was confused: was this Death Cab for Cutie? Had I clicked on the wrong MP3 on iTunes? “Gobbledigook” turned out to be a poppier track, indeed, but even at performing pop they rocked!

From the second track, you go back into familiar Sigur Ros territory. The main difference (besides the opening track) this time around is that the band gets more intimate, with acoustic guitar-based tracks, such as “Gódan daginn” and “Íllgresi,” and quiet piano-based tracks like “Fljótavík,” the closing “All Alright” and “Ára bátur” (which later evolves into a majestic epic that only they could have recorded).

After 8 listens, the album keeps growing on me. There is only one other album that could be as good this year (though it most likely will be in second place: “Maybe They Will Sing for Us Tomorrow by Hammock.” Otherwise, Sigur Ros did it again and make any wait for their music worth every minute.

0 thoughts on “Sigur Ros: The Best Album of 2008

  1. I only heard their single on NPR but thought it was pretty fantastic. With your endorsement, I will get the album today.

  2. Pues justo te iba a escribir porque lo tengo desde hace dos dias y no paro de escucharlo.Las canciones “no tipicas” me suenan muy potentes y algo pop pero me encantan.Seguro alguien los criticara escribiendo que se volvieron comerciales pero ami me encanta todo el disco.