When you can afford to no longer support IE…

I just noticed this notice on our Basecamp:

They are phasing out their support of Internet Explorer 6. I am glad this is starting to happen, since having to support older browsers holds back new web development.

Obviously they can afford to be a leader in this kind of thing because:
1) 37Signals, the developers of Basecamp, are known for going about product development their own way… and they are very seldom wrong.
2) Most of their user base will probably not really care about this move, since it’s likely made up of software folks who are no longer using IE 6 any more.

BTW, any other folks who downloaded and installed Firefox 3 recently reading this? How do you like it?

0 thoughts on “When you can afford to no longer support IE…

  1. In my opinion, there is absolutely no reason to keep using IE at all, 6 or 7…firefox 3 is the only way to go.

  2. I saw that this morning too. Incidentally, someone else had told me about a consortium of developers who are getting together to start serving IE 6 users upgrade pages instead of the sites the requested. Obviously not everyone can take this stance, but I think it’s good for a portion of the web to give those people with software not upgraded for 8 years a hint to get with the program already. As someone who is sick and tired of having to include IE6 CSS conditionals in every site I applaud this effort.

  3. I had a couple of early issues with Firefox 3.0, but for the most part I use Maxthon as my primary browser, Opera and Flock for my secondary browsers.

  4. Been using FF 3 for some time now and will never go back, but I may work my way over to Google Chrome if they can generate a large enough database of addons or somehow import ff addons into chrome.