Writing 'Ning For Dummies'


Yep! It’s happening… I couldn’t believe it when I learned about it, but it’s happening: I am starting to write the official “Ning For Dummies” title.

The next few months will be PACKED with work but full of excitement too. And topping that excitement will be the work producing this book that will be published in the Spring.

If you see me posting updates on Twitter late @ night, you know what I am doing after the day is over: writing “Ning for Dummies”. šŸ™‚

What is most important in times like these?

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It is not hard to hear bad news these days. What is more: it is HARD to find good news. No matter where you turn, things are getting more expensive, the potential for the economy to get even worse is there every day… you can FEEL the tension in the air.

So, I wonder: what is most important in times like these? When life as we know it has changed and is bound to be very different for a good while, what matters most?

My wife goes nuts when I sorta joke about the bad news and I say “funny” comments to try to make her laugh. But the truth is we cannot change what is happening around us now: it is the result of events that were unleashed a long time ago, many of which are tied to the sadly greedy nature of many.

So what can we do? Take things and do the best we can with them. Here are some ideas:
1) Vote: exercise your right to express your opinion and, regardless of who you prefer, go out and cast your vote.
2) Take the chance to adapt to new circumstances and see it as a good thing: for every thing you can see negatively, there is a positive you can find. If you can’t drive as much (can’t afford as much gas, perhaps), you can walk and take public transportation… and get more fit. If you can’t go out as much, you will find yourself spending more quality time at home with the family… which you should, anyway. If you can’t buy a book, get it from the library: you pay for it with your taxes…
3) Realize how lucky you are to be alive in this day and time… yes, in this same day that you may find so inconvenient… because the alternative is being dead.

See where I am heading? My point is: we are in the midst of a nasty economic time. But it doesn’t mean you need to need to be negative. Because no matter how bad things get, there will ALWAYS be a better day later: the sun will rise again. Just let go of the things that hold you down and see the good things in the life around you… you will be surprised, and realize then what is most important in times like these and at all times.

Big hug, everyone!