Very impressed with OpenX!

I just finished setting up our communities to use OpenX, as a step in the direction of getting rid of Google Ads. As they describe on their home page:

“OpenX is a free, open source ad server that manages the selling and delivery of your online advertising inventory. You can get OpenX as a hosted service or as downloaded software.”

I am VERY impressed with the backend to help you set up advertisers, campaigns and banners. The only hickup I encountered was related to a delay due to caching of ads that prevents them from appearing for 20 minutes after you first set them up. Otherwise, it worked like a charm.

Here is a video tour of the platform, so you can see what I am talking about:

Getting Started with OpenX from OpenX Limited on Vimeo.

Riceboy Sleeps – Daníell In the Sea

Today, I learned about Riceboy Sleeps, a spinoff project of Jonsi from Sigur Ros with his partner, Alex Somers. I was listening to Dark Was The Night, a double-album to raise funds for HIV/AIDS and was instantly drawn into the track titled “Happiness” by Riceboy Sleeps started to play.

They play a very ethereal form of ambient music. Here is the video for the song “Daníell In the Sea.”

Annoyed by Google Ads with changing domains

I know I am… There’s this “wrinkle removal” web site that keeps appearing once and again in our Google Ads, in spite of us having removed about 7 different domains that it was connected to. Have you seen it?

Sounds like an opportunity for some Google Ads intelligence to be put in place, where destination pages get parsed for content and if a domain has been blocked for a particular site, any other domains that point to the same content get blocked along with it.

There you have an idea, Google Ads folks! Hopefully soon we will not have to carry Google Ads any more.