YouTube ads: An Intrusive user experience!

After I saw the video of Michael Jackson’s daughter crying at his memorial today, I saw this:

What is wrong with this picture? At least a couple things!
1) From a human standpoint, I find it pretty insulting how commercialized things have become around MJ after his death. There are not 2 but 3 ads appearing in the end frame for this video of his daughter crying her dad’s death…
2) You can’t get rid of the ads to be able to click on the video that is sitting directly behind them. So, they are killing the user experience to make a buck, basically. Reminds me of the popups of the early days…

1 thought on “YouTube ads: An Intrusive user experience!

  1. Hola Manuel,acaba de hacer la prueba,no se si es una casualidad pero no me aparecen las publicidades. Derrepente se dieron cuenta y lo quitaron.saludosCarlos

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