How to become a Twitter Trending Topic?

Nearly 20,000 outraged (or inspired) people that feel deprived from their freedom of expression will do it!

The chart from WhatTheHashTag? says it all:

The Twitter hashtag #FreeMediaVE made it to the list of Twitter Trending Topics today (shortly followed by the hashtag #Venezuela) as a result of the decision by the Chavez administration to silence 34 Venezuelan radio stations.

On this other screenshot, from the home page of #hashtags, you can see how #FreeMediaVE was the third most popular hashtag today, with nearly 4,300 occurrences:

One thought on “How to become a Twitter Trending Topic?

  1. Gracias por la explicación sobre el trending del hashtag #freemediave de hoy, y por el apoyo en twitter. Me tomé el abuso de poner tu post en mi blog. Soy nuevo en esto de blogs, me adelanto en darte las gracias. Mi blog es agradece cualquier sugerencia. Como estoy en la versión gratis de wordpress, tengo limitaciones, pero ahí vamos, jeje.Cordiales saludos:)

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