d-store: tienda temporal de diseño

Me llena de orgullo presentarles el trabajo fruto del esfuerzo colectivo de mi cuñado Ciro Eleazar (estudiante del último año de diseño industrial), quien presenta y vende sus diseños junto a varios otros diseñadores en Mérida hasta el 24 de Diciembre.

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Música: Maseratti 2Lts

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The Swell Season: Say It To Me Now, Live from Oakland

My friend Steve captured this gorgeous HD video of Glen, from The Swell Season, telling a great story about meeting “Lois from New York City” and then suddenly going unplugged to sing “Say It To Me Now” unplugged.

It really was the highlight of the concert and also one of the most amazing live musical moments I’ve been fortunate to witness! Hope you enjoy it as much as we did:

Google Results Highlighting Tweets ABOUT People and Places

Google is doing interesting things about tweets, displaying them as “bubbles” at the top of the search results. Is this the start (to my knowledge) of Google getting creative about Tweets to not miss out on a huge chunk of information that it could make sense of? I think so.

I learned about this by performing a simple search for “chezpanisse twitter“: I was trying to find the Twitter account for the famous Berkeley restaurant, after watching a fascinating interview of Alice Waters, founder of Chez Panisse, with Charlie Rose.