The Healthcare debate becomes more transparent

Today, as I was following the Healthcare Summit on Twitter, I was fascinated to see the way transparency has set in and opened up data for all the world to see who is who and where some individuals may be coming from, while defending or opposing an issue.

The Sunlight Foundation offered a live feed of the health care debate, with data right by the side of the video feed showing Top Industry Donors 2010 for each person speaking.

To Buzz or Not to Buzz… That is the question! (for nonprofits)

If you have heard the buzz, so have millions of others lately: Google recently launched a service in direct competition to Twitter and Facebook called Goggle Buzz… or is it a complement to them? Or none of the above?

Don’t worry: you are not alone in having questions about this new service in the social media landscape! To help you figure out what to do about Google Buzz, make sure to read this great post about the role of Google Buzz for nonprofits by John Haydon.

P.S. While I decide how to go about the use of Google Buzz, I decided to activate the Google Buzz Button WordPress plugin, which you can now see at the bottom of all posts on the blog.