NTC 2010: Here we go!

April will be a great month for nonprofit groups. The 2010 Nonprofit Technology Conference will be taking place in Atlanta. I will be having the chance to speak in two different sessions there this year, which I am very excited about!

As we gear up for three great days of technology conversation among nonprofiteers, I recently received from Holly Ross (the hear of NTEN, the group responsible for organizing NTC every year) an invitation to highlight our sessions, so I thought I’d blog about it instead, responding the questions she sent our way here…

1. What’s the most important trend in nonprofit technology for 2010?
At the 2009 NTC, I did an Ignite session about Ning For Nonprofits. Back then, there were not that many nonprofit groups taking advantage of this platform to build niche communities.

Today, more and more groups are developing their own social networks on Ning (many others are also using other tools such as Joomla or Drupal) to improve their outreach and fundraising efforts. No wonder Mashable featured a great article by Geoff Livingston with 5 Tips for Creating Non-Profit Online Communities.

I see this is an important trend in nonprofit technology this year.

2. Why do you think your session topic is important for nonprofits to address
I am fortunate to be able to participate in two different (though related) topics this year:

Both topics revolve around the concept of communities and social networks. So they are very relevant to this growing trend mentioned in question #1.

3. What’s the one thing you want attendees to remember from your session
It is possible to still retain your sanity while running an online community… see my reply to the next question for evidence of this?

4. Which Muppet do you most identify with and why?
That’s a tough one, but I am going to have to go with the Swedish Chef!! He still cracks me up to this day. I guess what I love about him is his goofy nature.

You expected me to answer Animal, huh? 😉

5. Where can people follow you online (twitter, blog, etc.)?
It’s kind of hard to miss me since I am online so much, but if you must get the links, here there are:

My Favorite Kind of Captcha

Know those semi-cryptic wavy characters that you need to type back in when trying to link to a web site on Facebook or sign up for some web services? They are known as captchas and, in case you are wondering, they are there to try to keep spammers at bay (though spammers are never shy of exploiting good people around the world and pay them to sit at terminals typing these in for pennies an hour…)

This morning (probably the result of not enough sleep or coffee… or both), I was wondering what my favorite kind of captcha was. There are, of course, the ones so cryptic that it takes a true calligrapher to tell what the heck they say! I am sure those keep spammers at bay, but they probably also keep REAL people at bay, because they are so hard to read! 🙁

So, I guess my favorite kind of captcha is the one I encounter in Facebook:

I can not only read the words, but it also provides a certain level of entertainment, because they are real words (“wagons” and “unfair” in this case) that leave me wondering sometimes what the connection may be between them… Are wagons unfair? Is it unfair to ride a wagon? What’s a wagon? What’s fair…?

See? Next time, I will get more sleep or get more coffee into my system before I blog! 🙂