Caetano Veloso in San Francisco

Last night I had the amazing opportunity to witness legendary Brazilian musician and activist Caetano Veloso perform in San Francisco. He was accompanied by a trio of AMAZING musicians backing him on guitar, drums and bass/Fhender Rhodes piano.

He showered us with tracks from his entire musical career with an emphasis on his latest album (you can listen to all tracks here). Below is a sample from another live performance by Caetano from a couple of years ago, singing “Desde Que O Samba E Samba.” At age 67, it’s amazing how creative and alive he continues to be!

Live “Caetano Veloso” (HD) from JuicyLime on Vimeo.

3 thoughts on “Caetano Veloso in San Francisco

  1. do you happen to know the setlist? 😎
    there was a great song (kind of a harder edge to it) in the first 1/2 of the songs that blew me away….
    (and being a Caetano Veloso newbie I am a bit unaware…)

  2. OMG that was *totally* it — sooo glad I asked and that you replied!
    I loved that live version — totally need to find/buy something close to that (but I can start w/ buying the studio version for now 😎


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