Engaging the members in your community

Reading this fabulous post on the Creators network on Ning, it occurred to me it’d be a good idea to share in here some of our own experiences with regards to engagement and community members…

A very different view of things emerges when you start looking at your traffic data seeing Site Usage not just by ALL visitors but by Returning Visitors and compare.

  • Nearly 75% of the pageviews come from returning visitors on TuDiabetes.
  • They “consume” an average of nearly 8 pages per visit, compared to 5+ pages per visit for all visits (total).
  • They spend more than 9 minutes on the site on average (compared 5.5 minutes for all visits)

So what does this mean? It means that it’s not just VISITS, but RETURNING VISITORS that are the bloodwork of your online community.

How do you get visitors to come back to your community?