(Almost) 8 years blogging…

What does it mean? Don’t know. Nearly 2,000 posts later and 3,000 days later, blogging just feels so normal… kinda like brushing my (slowing fading hair) or having a cup of coffee.

I’ve had my ups and downs: been through periods of posting 3-4 times a day (back in 2006) and times of posting 3-4 times a month (mid-2009) when I was deeper into Twitter… well THAT much hasn’t changed!

If you read this, do you have any favorite posts from the past 8 years?

How to add a Facebook "Like" button to your WordPress blog?

A couple of months ago, my friend Danilo helped me migrate my blog to its new WordPress home. Besides posting, I’ve spent the past few weeks learning the ropes of the WP backend.

WordPress lets you choose themes for your blog and the theme Danilo picked (for which I thank him!) is called Thesis. If you are using Thesis like me, I recommend you follow these steps to add a Facebook “Like” button at the bottom of all your posts.

One small thing, though:

I HIGHLY recommend you install the Thesis OpenHook PlugIn recommended by the author. It will save you a lot of time and protect you from making dangerous mistakes mis-handling PHP files via FTP.

A small correction to the WordPress listing for the Thesis OpenHook plugin: it reads “Visit Design -> Thesis OpenHook and customize to your heart’s content!”

Actually, to customize things to your heart’s content, you’re supposed to click on the Appearance tab on the left of your WordPress backend and click on the Thesis OpenHook link.

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Update on 4/23/2010 (from Jim F. Munro’s blog post about this):

Jim posted a workaround on his blog showing how to display the “Like” buttons on all posts appearing on the home page of Thesis-themed WP blogs. As you can see, it works like a charm!