Rework: Book review

Reading “Rework” is a lot like the experience you get from 37Signals (the company behind Basecamp and many other web-based productivity tools, whose founders wrote the book).

37Signals sticks to their philosophy and they don’t care too much if you don’t like what they stand for: they believe in it and stick their product development efforts to it. This is highly commendable: sticking to your guns in the face of criticism (which will always be there) is tough. But it can come across as arrogant at times.

When/if you get past the discomfort some of the controversial positions from Fried and Heinemeier may generate, you start to see why these guys have been so successful at what they do. They have a firm stand against some wide-prevailing practices: workaholism, growth for the sake of growth, meetings (they call them toxic) and letting your customers outgrow you, to name a few.

At face value, many of these propositions may sound outrageous to most, but give yourself a chance to read through “Rework“: you will not only find yourself questioning some of the things you do in your organization… I bet you will find yourself reading it again and circulating it within your team!