THIS is how a low blood sugar feels!

darkness. is it? wait, no. am i? am i?
am i awake? am i? am i gonna die?
dumb tongue, tongue dumb. must wake. must wake.
my hhhand, my hhhand is shhhake, is shhhake
ing. gaah, lift my life up, out of this bed
confused, yep, check. and check, my aching head.
get fed, get fed, don’t trip, don’t slip, don’t fall
bed, floor, table, door, open drawer, race into the hall.
she sees me and knows a maniac is on the loose,
in the kitchen, 3am, doublefisting orange juice.

A poem by Felix, a member of, read July 24, 2010 during the first “No-Sugar Added Poetry” book party held at Philz Coffee in Berkeley, CA.

Get a copy of No-Sugar Added Poetry and help the Diabetes Hands Foundation.

5 ways to follow 5,000 people on Twitter

1. Don’t “follow” all 5,000 people. Pick up on conversations as they cross your Twitter home feed.
2. Follow people you care about. If you do this, you increase your chances of finding relevant conversations you care about whenever you take a look at your Twitter feed.
3. Look at who the people you care about are following: you may find some great people worth following there.
4. Create, maintain and use Lists, to listen more intently to a particular topic or within a particular vertical.
5. Take advantage of saved searches.

For more tips, read the fabulous post “Follow the Few To Get To the Many” by @kanter (someone you should follow, BTW!)

Inception: What It Has Done To Us

Inception is one of those movies that leaves you thinking. But that is a description that falls in many ways…

When we went to see inception, two of the other three people that joined us were seeing it for the second time. Reading forum topics about Inception, this is not a uncommon situation (people watching it 2-3-4 times to try to make sense of it…)

Truth is Christopher Nolan got us all talking. Even film music fans (I count myself among them) are talking about how the score plays subliminally with slowed-down versions of Edith Piaf songs!

The movie’s “true” meaning (something that Nolan may never give up… even something he may not even know himself) may never reveal itself to us. But that doesn’t matter too much, I think.

What stuck with me was the power of inception… beyond it, think what we as parents can do to our children by making them believe something as they are children: that they can realize their true potential, that they can make reach their goals… we are in a way planting those same seeds of an idea that were mentioned in the movie.

What did you think about Inception?