THIS is how a low blood sugar feels!

darkness. is it? wait, no. am i? am i?
am i awake? am i? am i gonna die?
dumb tongue, tongue dumb. must wake. must wake.
my hhhand, my hhhand is shhhake, is shhhake
ing. gaah, lift my life up, out of this bed
confused, yep, check. and check, my aching head.
get fed, get fed, don’t trip, don’t slip, don’t fall
bed, floor, table, door, open drawer, race into the hall.
she sees me and knows a maniac is on the loose,
in the kitchen, 3am, doublefisting orange juice.

A poem by Felix, a member of, read July 24, 2010 during the first “No-Sugar Added Poetry” book party held at Philz Coffee in Berkeley, CA.

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