Before November Starts, Mapping My Projects

Reading this great post by Chris Brogan on the importance of Mapping Your Projects, I realized this would be a useful exercise as November is literally around the corner.

Speaking… speaking… speaking…
The past few weeks I had three speaking engagements. ePatient Connections 2010 (in Philadelphia) and Health 2.0 (in San Francisco), where I spoke about HealthSeeker; and more recently, BlogWorld Expo’s Social Health track, where I spoke about How People Are Using Social Media to Improve their Health.

In November, I will be part of a panel at AIMA Symposium 2010, talking about “Building Online Social Networks for Crowdsourcing Knowledge about Chronic Disease” in Washington D.C.

These are all great opportunities to get the word out about our work (and a good way to put on frequent flyer miles too). At the same time, every time I came back home from a conference, I am way behind on getting other things done and also very tired.

November: Diabetes Awareness Month and World Diabetes Day
November is diabetes month (write it down!) and November 14 is World Diabetes Day. So naturally a lot of diabetes organizations have their hands full. This is what we have done in recent weeks and will be doing in the coming weeks:

  • HealthSeeker en Español: back in June, we launched HealthSeeker, a Facebook game to help players develop and rediscover healthy choices with the support of their FB Friends. In November, we’re launching a Spanish version, that will become HealthSeeker to anyone who has their Facebook Language set to Spanish.
  • TuAnalyze: in May, we launched the TuAnalyze app on TuDiabetes, to help members track, share and compare their A1c numbers. In September, expanded mapping capabilities in TuAnalyze to include Canada. In October, we launched a survey module on TuAnalyze and in late November, we will make TuAnalyze available in Spanish on EsTuDiabetes and start mapping A1c aggregate values from Mexico!
  • The Big Blue Test (La Gran Prueba Azul):This year, we will be repeating the Big Blue Test (La Gran Prueba Azul) once more, but we’ve added two important elements:
    1) Blood glucose entries before and after doing 14 minutes of exercise at 2 pm, Nov. 14, will be entered on a dedicated page (to be announced in a few days), available in both languages, which will show “real-time” stats about the # of participants and median of the values entered and changes in blood sugar levels due to physical activity in between readings.
    2) Between Nov. 1 and Nov. 14 the views of the video we’re working on to promote the Big Blue Test will count towards a max. $75,000 donation from Roche Diagnostics to benefit Insulin for Life and Life For a Child, two life-saving humanitarian assistance programs for people with diabetes around the world. If we pass 100,000 views, they will make a donation of $75,000. Up to 100K views, they will donate an amount proportional to the views.

Other side projects
As if all this wasn’t enough to stay busy, busy, I have taken on a few other projects on the side, mostly to help with additional income.

  • I wrote a chapter for an upcoming Salud 2.0 (Health 2.0) book in Spanish, which I have still to review one last time.
  • I have taken on a consulting project with my friends at Madera Group, to help drive the amazing Make YOURS a Million $ Business program of the non-profit Count Me In for Women’s Economic Independence.
  • Currently, I am into my second chapter of helping Joe Waters and Joanna MacDonald with their upcoming Cause Marketing for Dummies, which will be published mid-2011.

Why did I leave life for last? Because as a result of all the projects I have gotten myself into I barely have enough time left for myself… or family life. This is something I intend on reassessing after November, because time passes and I don’t want to wake up one day and realize that my son is a teenager (he is now seven) and I missed what could be some great times with him!