Facebook Grants? About Time!

I have been wondering for some time now why doesn’t Facebook does what Google has been doing for a while now through their Google Grants program: offer in-kind advertising for non-profit organizations.

A cursory Google search (had to do this on Google, clearly!) of “Facebook Ads for nonprofits” revealed that my question had been shared by many already. There was even a Facebook page called “Call to Action: Launch an Ads Grants Program for Nonprofits” (too sad that the original admins were not able to keep up with it -I don’t blame them, considering how tough it is to get Facebook to answer any inquiries)

What do Google Grants do for the nonprofit sector?
I will let this screenshot from our Google AdWords Dashboard speak (Google basically offers the same interface that they offer for their paying advertisers to their nonprofit beneficiaries):

Nearly 66,000 clicks in the course of a little more than 6 months, for a¬†click-through¬†rate of of 2.48%… best of all, at no cost to the Diabetes Hands Foundation. All of it, thanks to a charitable program that Google offers. See what I mean? Those $42,656.34 is how much they would have earned had they sold these ads (we clearly have nowhere near that kind of advertising budget, so it’s not like they would have otherwise have made that kind of money from us…)

The point is: Facebook, with their reach (they now have more than 500 million users) can do A LOT of good! FAR more than a single donation to a single cause by Mark Zuckerberg.

So what do you say, Facebook? Facebook Grants? It’s about time!

2 thoughts on “Facebook Grants? About Time!

  1. Yes!!!!!!! This would be so fantastic for the nonprofit sector.

    Right now, about 40-45% of our overall web traffic comes from our Google Grant (since May 2007), and we’re converting quite a few of those visitors to be advocates for our cause. While we track financial donations as a converstion metric once we get them to our site, by an extremely wide margin the majority of our conversions are from folks seeking (and receiving) our services.

    P.S. For the record, had we paid for our ads for the past 3.5 years we would have spent close to $300K!

    We’ve debated paying for Facebook ads, we just can’t afford it.

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