Why I am SO proud of Andreina (my wife)

Last week, Andreina sold her biggest and most valuable piece ever (the big tree in the photo below) as part of her show at City Art Gallery. I saw the piece evolve over time and saw it emerge out of the canvas as she gradually built it into the gorgeous painting that it became.

This piece serves as an example of the evolution I have seen in Andreina and how she’s taken her artwork to a whole new level. I used to really like her work back when she started painting, while we lived in Orlando. But today, I LOVE her paintings. I know I sound biased and maybe I am, but I just want to say it: I am proud of you, Andre! You are really an incredible artist and your art will continue to touch the lives of many more people. TE AMO (I LOVE YOU!)

If you haven’t visited the show at the gallery, come by (828 Valencia St. in San Francisco). The show is still open and she (along with many other incredible artists) has many more amazing pieces. I invite you too, to become a fan of her at Evolve Art Studio on Facebook

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