The Importance of Saying Thanks!

We have been using Constant Contact to manage our email communications at the Diabetes Hands Foundation since 2008. They are not inexpensive, but they are best-in-class and help us do a lot of the outreach work we do to fulfill our mission: connect people touched by diabetes and raise diabetes awareness.

Today, when I signed in to the Constant Contact site, I was pleasantly surprised with a lightbox that popped up out of nowhere saying one simple thing: THANK YOU!

How simple… yet, how powerful! This small detail made me smile and realize that something must have triggered in the minds of the folks at Constant Contact that made them feel they wanted me to know that they care, that I am not “just another customer” but someone they feel a part of the team.

When was the last time you said thanks to the people that enable you to stay in business, to the people who make your mission as a nonprofit possible, or simply… to the person that brings you a meal at your favorite hangout place?

Always remember the importance of saying THANKS!