6 thoughts on “It's VENEZUELA, not Minnesota!

  1. OMG… while I could not understand more than 90% of what was said, I have my own stories about accents and names and words whose original pronunciations have become corrupted by another language… WTH did they get “Duh Moynz” from “Day Mwahn” (Des Moines)? And then there was one teacher I had, with a distinct Brooklyn accent to his textbook French…The flip side to this is the frustration experienced when the lingua franca is a third language which includes sounds which do not exist in either speaker’s language, and which have different allophonic equivalents in the two native languages. (Try this with two native languages, three speakers, two different linguas francas (sp?), and some cultural differences to boot, in a house of worship, on one of the holiest days of the religious year…)

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