Genesis covers in an age of connectivity

I am longtime fan pre-1980 Genesis, specially their classic period with Peter Gabriel at the helm and their “four-man era“. So needless to say I was caught when I landed upon this incredible collaboration between guys that are fans like myself, but who have individually mastered a musical instrument and decided to collaborate remotely to do covers of Genesis classics.

They call themselves the iGenesis Project:

The iGenesis Project believes that in an age of ubiquitous broadband and affordable high-quality recording equipment, there is no need for geography to limit the ability of musicians to work together.

Here they are covering “One For The Vine” from the band’s last album with Steve Hackett:

2012: Kuk Sool Won, MyFitnessPal and Weight Loss

Late 2011 I made a commitment: I will lose the extra pounds I have been wheeling around for the past 1.5 years… You heard me!

So I started doing two things:
1) I started going to Kuk Sool Won classes twice per week. This is a Korean martial arts system founded in 1958. The video below shows Master Tom Brewer, our instructor and owner of the Berkeley school we’re going to.

2) I started logging all my meals using a very convenient app called MyFitnessPal. Think of it as WeightWatchers (the app) without the points, focused on calories. For people with diabetes like myself, it also doubles nicely as a carb counting tool. One of the biggest benefits I have found it to have is that you can scan the barcode on nearly ANYTHING you can find in order to save yourself some data entry: only one food item I have scanned in nearly one month has failed to appear on their database.

So far, in 20 days of logging all meals in MyFitnessPal and about 10 classes, I have managed to lose just over 6 pounds. The goal is to lose another 20 in the next few months. I will keep you posted…